Aura cleansing

Aura cleansing
Apart from our normal physical body there are six bodies that are carried by us yet we can't see them with our naked eyes. Even our intuitions are not too developed than even we can feel them like this, often we find our self-uneasy in some places or with some people but in sacred places and with positive loving people we feel good, as a kid you can remind of your feeling of unease or ease with some people more easily, this is our feeling light bodies that covers are physical body out-side of our body and in other words it is called as "AURA".Our Aura consist our vibrations positive or negative and it determines our very health. It is believed that negative vibrations such as fear, anger and anxiety causes the illness, so we don't only need physical hygiene but spiritual hygiene our also important. There are total six bodies we have that create the Aura:

  • Etheric Body- Related to lower chakras and caries 2-8 inches space outside physical body.
  • Mental Body- This body is summed by all our thoughts that carry our energy field up to 8 feet.
  • Emotional Body- This body is little lesser than mental body and part of cranial sacral our second chakra.
  • Spiritual Body- 15 to 18 feet above this body is part of upper chakras and all spiritual and psychic experience are the part of this body.
  • Astral Body- Bridge between the two bodies
  • Celestial Body- Part of spiritual realm and related to third eye chakra.Whenever we are near to sacred places or positive people we feel naturally relieved from the burden of our thoughts that suddenly changes, this releases the stress and we feel better. As a healing modality Reiki allows a person to clean himself with help of Aura scanners and dowser and healers try to remove the lower dense and sticky vibrations from the patient's body so that the positive life force may flow through the body and healing may take place more easily and fluently