KARUNA REIKI is proposed to the world in the year 1995 in Michigan (U.S.) By William Rend who actually added it to the Usui system. KARUNA REIKI is a healing energy that actually works on our-self so that we may learn to have compassion and love for our self which we lack from ages... Humanity lacks self-love; Buddha said ones that "You yourself as much as anybody else in the world deserve your love and attention." We need to Love our self in the order to fully live our potential and we need to respect our being. KARUNA Reiki is the most beautiful and effective way to release self-Love. As the self-love arises our true unity with the divine occurs and we become more and more synchronized with our environment. KARUNA REIKI OFFERS the following stages:

  • What is KARUNA REIKI and backgrounds of KARUNA REIKI
  • The sacred attunements and revelations of symbols
  • There are eight symbols: first 4 are given at level 1 and last 4 symbols are given at level 2.
  • What is HUI-YIN POINT? And successive meditations which helps us to remove a lot etheric blocks.
  • Brief description and Mantra of Each symbols
  • What is the significance of these symbol elements and crystals that adds power to them
  • How to keep spiritual hygiene's and various ways to purify the spiritual space
  • How to state intentions and prayers, along with opening a channel
  • How to heal self and using the symbols of KARUNA REIKI
  • How to heal Others
  • Healing with the sound.
  • Brief overview of crystal box and their successive use
  • Spiritual and more profound dimensions of KARUNA REIKI.

KARUNA Reiki opens all the judgment, criticism and less loving thoughts about ourselves and as they arise to the surface and get recognized by us we release them finally and become more aware of our very behavior. Compassion is a state of consciousness where one meet the truth that suffering is an illusion and everyone is at the perfect place whether they are in pain or happy. We are all needed to have this broad view or wider consciousness that here we lack, and therefore the problem arose as we work on those areas our consciousness expends and we become ready to face some new challenges. In other words we can say that KARUNA REIKI is nothing but the compassion not as words or feeling but in form actions. KARUNA REIKI helps in removal deepest part of the wounds and our cellular memories which helps us to reconnect with them and finally release them.

As in Usui System Symbols are not revealed to the person not attuned to the higher sources because these symbols are of no use to them, so here according to the utility of each symbols we are giving an overview without opening their original form and how they look:

Level 1stPast life issues, child abuse, cellular healing, spiritual healing Unconscious patterns, shadow self, abuse issues, psychological psychic attacks. Relationship, addictive behavior, develop healthy habits, develop universal compassion Harmonize chakra, focus, lower chakras, goals, manifestations, grounding sealing sessions, clearing objects, room and property
Level 2nd Align with higher self, learning, communication, creativity, motor skills. Grounding, Manifestations, priorities, healing humanity. Personal divine power, codependence, reality awareness, empower goals, heal the earth. Create peace, trust in life, insomnia, fear, panic, clairvoyant. As in Usui System Symbols are not revealed to the person not attuned to the higher sources because these symbols are of no use to them .Each symbols in the KARUNA REIKI is it-self an element that can be found in other healing arts but their blend with the Usui system creates a totally different vibrations which helps the individual to manifest the purest heart desires, the internal changes in the person causes him or her to be as compassionate and vibrant being in such a way that one start to become an open channel of Love.