Second Degree

Degree 2ND

Degree two is more intense level of Reiki and it helps the person to get attune with our light body or senses. We know this body as sixth sense or intuitions body. Intuitions are the part of our system and it is nothing super natural about it, our intuitions connect us with our environment and helps us to synchronize with it at emotional level. The healthier our intuitions are the more we are aware of our environment and our own response to it. Intuitions are the function of our pineal gland or at chakra level we know it as third eye chakra. Degree two also needs series of attunements and takes 12 hours which are done within the period of 3 days. Second Degree course briefly covers the deep insight of the following:

  • Our intuitional body and light body
  • The three symbols, their meanings, uses and mantra that is needed to channelize energy through symbols
  • How to initiate Reiki channel
  • How to keep spiritual hygiene by cleaning and charging self and the environment or place where one gives Reiki to self or others
  • How to initialize Reiki and how treat self
  • How to give absentee healing, dowser healing and use of chakra scanner
  • How to clean and charge Reiki room and Equipment
  • Deeper knowledge about Reiki box, energy circulations and other uses of Reiki to manifest the desired result to live more happy life
  • How to heal family issues, anger issues, financial issues or any other day to day problems
  • How to keep our-self balanced through Reiki as a healer
During degree two the students are acknowledged with the three symbols that are needed for higher level of Reiki channelization within the body so that our etheric body may release deep unconscious blocks and rigid perceptions. There is nothing magical about the symbols too. Logically each symbols carries specific curves, direction and points which is when practiced while focusing on each of the 24 points activates the specific part of our brain (in our Physical body) and this helps a person to connect with our deeper part of psych so that one can release denser debris of our egoist believes. On the other hand these symbols are sacred symbol and found in the very old manuscripts thus as a part of Usui system we keep them unrevealed and symbols are revealed only to the person who has been through sacred attunements by the master. Reiki purifies a person at all levels and restructure our brain and body. Therefore person feels new and younger than the age they are in. Second degree covers the wider areas of life to be healed; it provides transformation not only in the person itself, but their financial to relationship status. But if a person wants to take full advantage of any course one need to be very sincere in the practice, 21 days cleansing and focus on each 24 points which takes 1 and half our everyday must be given to our self, after all self-love is very important, to stay healthy and to live fully.