First Degree

Degree 1ST
Reiki degree one helps the person to attune with core feelings of body and for this the master first initiates few energy portals at person's body. This attunement takes 14 to 16 hours which our given within the period of 3 days in which four attunements are given successively. After the attunement various portals of energy in person's body get affected which helps in release varies blocks. One's a person is tuned, he or she becomes a Reiki channel and one is open for receiving universal energies for which one only needs to intend to Reiki channel to be initiated or Reiki to flow through their body. In Usui system there are 24 points in the human body are suggested to cover whole body healing and the first degree course gives the knowledge about the following:


  • First degree covers all 24 points and Deep insight of the chakra system.
  • Human body along with each organ where we store our very emotions.
  • Our Aura and external six light bodies " How to give Reiki to self.
  • How to keep spiritual hygiene's.
  • How to begin REIKI CHANNEL AND How to end it after treatment.
  • How to do hands on Reiki treatment and things to be kept in mind.
  • How to heal the families, loved ones and patients(on asking)
  • How to balance each chakra .
  • How to follow the principles of Reiki and deep knowledge about whom to give Reiki.


This is must for any new student to give Reiki to each 24 point till 21 days, it helps in cleansing and integrating the energies fully into the body of a person and one can observe deep emotional changes inside them. This is also suggested to keep the journal of the issues that our coming to the surface so that one can be very honest with self and vow to release all the negative behaviors that occurs. Cleansing means realization of our self and our very behaviors and to release them for better life. Apart from this body do not only undergo cleansing of emotions but our physical body also releases huge amount of toxins in form of sweat or other excretory by products.